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Today's Update : Website Has Been Hacked By N@pst3r Bd^

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==> BuT, This'z just WARNING For You,, So you know that Your SECURITY is sTiLL LACKING and there are many HOLES in your SYSTEM.... , Don'T WORRY,, Your Database is SAFE ==> So, Please Patch Your System . . . and Thnk'z . . .

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We are the citizens of Bangladesh. Itís your neighborhood country. We are like neighbors. There might have been a friendly relation between us but your border security force BSF is brutally killing our people like birds. Torturing our brothers. We will not tolerate this brutality anymore. BSF has become the most gothic/brutal force of the world.
There should not be any infiltration of Indian hackers in our cyber space. Tista agreement should be signed as soon as possible. Farakka agreement should be accepted and the equity of ours be given to us. You have to stop building dam in Tipaimukh. Stop every type of economical aggression towards our country.
This is the time u pay our debt off. Nor the government of India will see what kind of upset it brings to them. The people of Bangladesh are with BBHH.

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